Young Director Award - Titles 2013

Title sequence for The Young Director Award - 2013 at Cannes film festival. A young director's mind is hit with a storm of creativity, ideas, colour and motion. Created at The Mill. Winner of Gold LIA in art direction, Silver LIA in motion graphics, Silver Ciclope Award for motion graphics and a Merit ADC Award for motion graphics.

Using a combination of live action, 2D and 3D animation, we explore the perspective of a young director as he explores a hurricane of movement, force and imagination erupt within his mind.

Animation and compositing - Ivo Sousa, Shaun Leong-Williams, Gabor Ekes, Russell Etheridge.
Editors - Charlotte Carr, Will Barnett.
Colour - Houmam Abdallah.

Film Art Direction Design 3D

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