Resonate Festival Trailer

Each year Belgrade is host to the technology, art and multimedia festival Resonate. Attracting visitors from all over the world, it features talks, workshops and performances from an industry leading line-up of artists and creative, technology-focussed pioneers.

This trailer celebrates the diversity, playfulness and scope of the festival, encompassing different objects representing different disciplines. It uses the refreshed Resonate identity created in collaboration with Field and Hudson Powell to drive the choreography, creating a fun, short tease of what to expect this year.

With additional 3D help and collaboration from Matt Whitewood and Fred Huergo, audio by Owen Hindley and Ragnar Hrafnkelsson.

Art Direction Design 3D Motion Graphics

Lighting and rendering was executed in VRAY. Subtle custom texturing and detailing were crafted to neutralise each model, and create a family of objects.

As each glyph dances across the screen, they inform the pacing, movement and kinetic direction of the elements underneath. Using the branding to drive the film, the glyphs drive the movement.

Various typographic distortions and deformations were explored, but dropped from the edit due to overwhelming chaos.

The music created focussed on foley, real instruments and a naturally inquisitive composition to get away from the very synthesised and electronic festival title audio that is so prevalent in current trends.

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