Jägermeister Rebirth

Jägermeister wanted to create a stylised video piece to promote their drinks brand across a range of clubs in Germany. Displayed on large flat screen monitors and digital media throughout various participating venues, the content needed to speak about the brand in a refreshing, energetic way.

Creating something interesting, and quite abstract, whilst simultaneously telling a story was of importance during this project. The finished piece was designed to loop indefinitely, yet it can still be interpreted as a journey through the dimensions of evolution, moments in time and kinetic energy.

Thanks to Angelo Wellens, who spent many late nights helping with the animation. And Henrique Matias for the soundtrack. Created at Hi-ReS!

Motion Graphics Design 3D Art Direction

Modelling was kept simple for stylistic purposes, but also to meet the tight deadlines.

Landscapes where designed to change and shift on their journey, taking the evolutionary process from the deep to the mountainous peaks and back again.

A selection of style frames where created pre production to highlight the direction we would take, along with a written treatment for the story.

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