Hyundai Light Installation

Hyundai wanted to create a pre-launch campgain for the imminent release of the i40, in the run up to the Geneva Motor Show. In order to tease the car in, without fully revealing it, we decided it would be fun to create an interactive, live-streamed light installation.

Users could assume control over a light-rig composed of 200 lights over the Internet and use it to reveal parts of the then still secret design of the car, with the result streamed back by 3 cameras from the studio in Germany.

Credit to Andreas Müller of Nanika for the tech. Also featured and write up in Creative Applications. Created at Hi-ReS!

Lighting Art Direction Film

200 individual light bulbs where suspended on a rig built by Schokopro and housed in warehouse outside of Frankfurt.

The project took a week to set up, light and get the tech into place.

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