Burberry Shanghai

Show visuals for the Burberry Shanghai Spring Summer collection 2014. A series of design exploration and art direction for womenswear. Animations were projected across a large facade. The theme was painterly and based off the womenswear collection, exploring floral shapes and pattern it had a strong hand ‘rendered’ aesthetic.

In collaboration with Andreas of Nanika, a custom software was developed from the ground up allowing us to test real time compositions using flocking systems and painterly distortion effects. Special thanks to Alexandra Thursby-Pelham for collaborating on design.

A cutdown of the show's visuals can be seen here, and over at Burberry.

Art Direction Design Installation Motion Graphics Concept

Different patterns within the collection where remixed and borrowed from. A floral aesthetic with raw materials and a 'hand rendered' product was used throughout the process.

Custom software was developed in collaboration with Nanika to allow real time simulations of different animations to develop.

This allowed real time choreography with a huge array of visual options. This was then rendered out as animations to use in the film.

A natural stage was explored by remixing patterns used within the Burberry collection, to create new environments in which to explore.

The main development of custom software focussed on flocking systems to simulate flower seeds and pollen. This was taken from some of the key collection visuals.

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