BMW DTM Motorsport 2012 (Pitch concept)

Pitch concept work for the BMW DTM 2012 season. The following outlines the response to a briefing of creating an accessible, multi-platform solution to the return of BMW to German Touring Car Championships.

Included is a Race Feed, covering live action on race day. A track centre where the entire season's progress is documented and archived. iPad and iPhone versions for BMW's digital platform, and a unique mobile game application designed to explore the brand, drivers and mechanics of DTM. Created at Hi-ReS!

Art Direction Design UI Concept

Part of the concept was to record 360º footage inside a BMW DTM car as it completed a practice circuit before the main event.

On-board telemetry would be recorded, and users would be able to experience being a "passenger" inside a DTM touring car, choosing how they experience the ride.

The race feed timeline would update in real time, streaming from broadcasts at the track.

the idea was to offer a personalised DTM experience to the BMW fan.

Race telemetry is streamed live from the pits, to all digital platforms, cascading gracefully to each respective device.

Social commentry, positioning, telemetry and offical commentary is all fed into the track centre and race feed as it happens.

The mobile game application was designed to feature various reaction, reflex and multi tasking tests drivers and team memebers may have to undertake when at the race.

Users could compete agaisnt BMW drivers, team emebers and each other using global leaderboards. It could also serve as a couting platform for new recruits based on their performance.

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